DVSS Change The Way Conference 2019 Blog Post

So last week we went on a trip to the DVSS 2019 Change The Way conference where we displayed our work. There was a Mohawk elder who came in and made a speech. Some things I think we / I connected to in his speech was when he spoke his language (Mohawk) and then explained what he said. I feel like that connected to us because we’ve been learning about indigenous treaties and cultures for a long time and to finally hear a elder speak the language, was interesting and a good learning experience for all of us. Also to have our work that we spent a long time on displayed at the conference was cool.

Some things I enjoyed were the side conferences going on alongside the conference. My favorite side conference was the one where the judge explained how the Canadian justice system worked with a cool hands on demonstration. One thing that resonates with me after the conference, is a booth called Love first which promoted doing good deeds and things for people and I really thought that was a good cause. Lastly there was a dj that came in for a conference of his own and he had some really good things to say. He really promoted leadership and perseverance in youth and said to leadership in situations when you can and to persevere / never give up.

All of that aside, I thought the conference was very good and I do hope it happens again.

My Favorite parts of our work.


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